DC UPS 5-12V to 9V/12V 1A Uninterrupted Charging UPS Module 18650 Lithium 3.7 volt Battery Boost Step Up Voltage Converter Control Power Supply Module


  • DC UPS 12V 12W UPS Uninterruptible power supply control board, used to design the continuous power supply of routers, switches and other network equipment or infrared alarms.
  • When the battery is fully charged, the upper limit can output 1A current, and when the battery voltage is about to empty, it can output 8-9W Power, automatically shut down when the output is short-circuited, and recover after recharging. Before the battery is discharged and shut down, a flashing prompt will often appear. After flashing several times, it will enter the low-power protection and turn off the output!
  • Hint: Input or output interfaces can share negative poles, positive poles cannot share negative poles, and battery terminals cannot share negative poles!
  • Reminder: The current motherboard has a charging time detection function. The default slow charge is suitable for batteries within 8Ah, and the jumper is changed to fast charge for batteries within 8-15Ah.